March 18, 2014

Monday Night Raw - The Twitter Review Blog 7

For the lads.

Batista made one film in all that time he was off, as evidenced by his opening segment promo his scenes took a lot of takes.

"The only reason you're champion is because of his (Triple H) support" - Batista on Randy Orton. The ironing is delicious.

This new added Trippers in the main event stipulation adds more credibilty to the Bryan match but now you have to terrible lingering fear Triple H will actually win now.

Roman "I have to have the last word" Reigns.

Arnie doing the Yes. Brilliant.

Every montage of the streak has Taker handing out Tombstones and the dive over the top rope but the only bit they ever use from the Giant Gonzalez match is when he kicks him in the stomach. Is that the best bit?

Not much going on now.

I don't think Police Officers from another state can take action on a week old event, Stephanie. Being escorted out by police, does this mean he's made it?

Did Stephanie tell Triple H to drown Bryan? That's not PG.

Brutal beatdown. Chairshot to the head, should be a fine.

March 4, 2014

Monday Night Raw - The Twitter Blog Review 6

For the lads.

Literally seconds in to Raw and Lawler gives out wrong info. Even I remember Bryan vs Batista on Raw before.

Stellar crowd. Tremendous from Heyman. His legs must have been in a hoop.

Mark Henry should just give up. Stay down, punk, I mean Mark.

I swear Jey Uso was lifting Billy Gunn's shoulder off the mat when he pinned them.

"Guess who our guest star is!" Is it Aaron Paul? His face and name are on the screen as you're saying this, Michael.

Liked Swagger selling the punch from Big E. Was like he maced him.

Batista. Or on twitter, his real name. Ridiculous.

Ha. Spotfest Rollins. Jesus, this match is mental. They could continue this feud for another 6 months and it's ridiculous that they aren't.

Ha. Batista. What a prick.

Call me a chauvinist pig but the men shouldn't be coming out to the women's music.

Are refs paid to break up backstage fights? Doesn't seem like it's part of their job description.

Bryan/Triple H segment was decent. If he just slapped Tripper in the face he'd get his match no problem!

Ziggler and Del Rio. Two lads who won't be at Wrestlemania.

The only thing I liked about the Rusev segment was the Eastern European alphabet they used on his name.

Decent ending. Was hoping for Punk but can't see where he'll fit in now if he does come back, too far gone with the Bryan/Triple H storyline.

February 25, 2014

Monday Night Raw - The Twitter Review Blog 5

For the lads.

Hogan's back. Big ovation. He sounds drunk.

Shilling the network. Feels like Smithers doing the announcements over the tannoy - "It's going to be FUN FUN FUN!"

Del Rio and Batista again. Ha, crowd hate him. Even the way he walks to the ring is annoying. Skipped the match, enjoying everything about the post match promos, except for Batista's windy speech.

Jesus, Langston nearly got killed off the Neutraliser.

Cena waffling, Wyatt waffling. No interest in this feud.

Sheamus/Christian, skipping through this.

Trippers is well smug here. Makes me slightly more interested in a HHH/Bryan match at Wrestlemania.

Why do The Shield only hang out in dimly lit areas?

Reigns and Wyatt make a match for themselves, but surely WWE will have planned out Raw in advance? Will something be ditched? I bet it's a Ziggler match. Or have they left a gap, hoping such an event would happen?

Corporate Kane reminds me of Heihachi from one of the later Tekkans.

The Emmalock is the laziest name for a move since "Killer Jr". Shocking entrance music too.

End segment was fairly good. Taker wasn't very PG with that pen move. Struggling to be interested in this match.

February 24, 2014

Elimination Chamber - The Twitter Review Blog

For the lads.

Big E./Swagger was a great match. Best showing from both that I've seen. Have you noticed that when someone tries to roll through and reverse an ankle lock that they look like a complete arse when it's blocked.

I like how Billy Gunn has taken the 14 year break to modify his one line - "and of course, if you're not down with that we got two words for ya!

I think the Usos think they are a lot bigger than they actually are. Where's he going with his full nelson?

Clash of the Titus. Such a name.

Great insight from the expert panel here.

Wyatts/Shield was deadly, Ambrose's Thesz press was the best part. Stellar match, makes me even more annoyed they didn't save it for Wrestlemania.

Didn't watch the women, what happened?

Didn't watch Batista/Del Rio. Can assume what happened.

"How did they get inside the chamber?" Through the door, Jerry.

Main event was quite good.

Enjoyed the show overall, decent offering with three better than decent matches
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